NUtec Digital Ink released its latest UV-curable ink optimized for the Mimaki JFX Series printers.

The Amethyst A20-RIG-MI ink was recently added to NUtec’s expanding range of UV-curable, water-based and solvent digital inks.The A20-RIG-MI ink is designed to adhere to rigid substrates such as glass, ceramics, acrylic, and correx without the need for primers.

“The Amethyst A20 and A50 range of rigid UV-curable inks are fast becoming the product of choice where excellent adhesion coupled with great all-around printing reliability is required,” said Neil Green, NUtec’s sales and marketing director. “This unique combination of adhesion, flexibility and reliability is creating new opportunities for those converting to our ink.”

The A20-RIG-MI ink is designed to adhere to rigid substrates.