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Océ® & Fuji®


NUtec have designed a range of auxiliary components allowing easy access to Océ® Arizona and Fujifilm® Acuity printers without the need to use the original packaging form.

The components consist of adapter caps and stems with a low level shut off valve, which offer the flexibility of choosing from any of the standard
2L NUtec UV ink products, suitable for rigid as well as roll to roll applications.

There is also a stainless steel bottle tray that keeps the bottles off the floor and keep them neat and upright. The tray has leveling feet to accommodate any uneven surfaces and insulate from the temperature conditions of the floor.


  • Affordable OEM equivalent
  • Customized Components
  • Easy Installation
  • Access to a wider range of Ink
  • Little to no wasted ink
  • Ink line air prevention system

FOR INQUIRIES IN THE US. KINDLY CONTACT: info@nutecdigitalusa.com OR visit www.nutecdigitalusa.com

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