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  • Chemically & colour matched to Mimaki® SS2™ inks
  • No flushing or profiling required when converting from OEM inks.
  • Excellent outdoor durability
  • Environment Responsible Product (ERP) with no hazardous air pollutants
  • Supported by NUtec Digital’s Ink Delivery System Warranty


Emerald E12-MSS2 is an Environment Responsible Product (ERP) ink designed as a back-to-back replacement for Mimaki SS2 ink .

The Emerald E12-MSS2 is a greener solution preserving the environment, as it contains no hazardous air pollutants and provides a safer operator environment due to more favourable exposure limits.

Emerald E12-MSS2 provides excellent media compatibility across a broad range of self-adhesive and flexible substrates.

Provided the inks are used in regular applications, using suitable substrates, the printed images will last for up to 24 months.

Print head compatibility
Epson® DX4™, Epson® DX5™, Epson® DX6™, Epson® DX7™
Packaging configurations
500ml Cartridges
Colours and Shelf-Life
CMYKLcLm - 18 months
Shipping and Storage Information
Storage & transit temperatures: +5°C to +35°C Store in a cool, dry area, not directly on the floor and away from direct sunlight
Operating Specifications
Temperature: +19°C to +28°C. Relative Humidity: 30% to 80% Non-condensing. To be used in conjunction with NUtec maintenance fluids and cleaning solutions.


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