Water-based inks

Water-based ink is basically (as its name says it) a formula that uses water as its main solvent to transfer pigments. This type of ink generally uses other solvents in less quantity to help make the drying process more effective.

This formula is complies with the adidas 101 standard and it is ideal for fabric printing, though it also works very good with direct printing on paper and rigid substrates. Water-based inks are cheaper, deliver smooth printing and are the perfect choice for those companies who are aware of the environmental impact of the printing industry.

What’s more, since its main solvent is water, there’s no need to spend on expensive ink-removing chemicals; maintenance and cleaning are a lot easier with this type of ink.

In addition, we make emphasis in the fact that water-based inks are the better choice if you’re looking for a smooth finish. Sensing ink films when touching the substrate after printing (especially in fabrics) is very difficult. Therefore, the result is a pleasantly soft surface to the touch, reason for which many prefer to turn to water-based instead of other formulas.

We at NUtec are proud to say that our range of water-based inks are premium products made with top quality raw materials processed with the highest quality standards in our state-of-the-art facilities, to make sure our clients get the best out of every drop.

Productos de la serie Aquamarine de NUtec Digital Ink para Sublimación en el 2018 Spanish

Produtos 2018 Aquamarine de Tintas de Sublimação da NUtec Portuguese

  • Aquamarine AQ10-DST-CP is a dye sublimation ink, optimised for coated transfer papers including sticky or tacky papers. The Aquamarine AQ10-DST-CP has best-in-class standby times and low maintenance.

  • Aquamarine AQ10-DST-HD is a high density dye sublimation ink, designed for coated and uncoated transfer paper. Productivity is improved through high speed printing delivering  vibrant images with lower ink consumption.

  • Aquamarine AQ20-DS-HC is a dye sublimation ink optimised for the Kyocera® KJ4B series of Dye sublimation print heads and is designed for coated and uncoated transfer paper. Productivity is improved through high speed printing delivering vibrant images with lower ink consumption.