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Water-Based Inks: The Future of the Printing Industry

Since the market has grown so much over the past few decades thanks to technology, choosing the proper type of ink for your printing business can require certain research. Even more so now that print manufacturers build machines that run with more than one type of ink. As for quality and preference, customers in general have no fixed inclination towards one particular formula since the choice is completely relative to the final use of the product. They all definitely have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, one of the oldest formulas is water-based ink which is a type of pigment-based [...]

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The Dilemma of UV-cured Inks vs The Solvent-Based Type

Groundbreaking ink technologies created during the last few decades gave birth to new printing advancements, changing the industry for good. Nowadays, there are numerous types of inks, each presentation with a different purpose for a variety of budgets, helping bring the best performance possible in each drop. The good part of these developments is that they continually give way to more effective formulas for the industry like the UV curable ink. while also improving the performance of existing products; such is the case of solvent based ink. Of course, each of them has their own use and applicabilities depending on [...]

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